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Presenter & Facilitators:

Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Professional Speaker,  and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator REINETTE STEYN [See Home Page], with Colleagues.

We present Workshops, Corporate & Group Lie Skills Training, and Access Bars Classes in Milnerton, Cape Town, and at businesses or in other suburbs or cities as required, in South Africa.

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Access Consciousness® Bars® Classes 2017

 Full Day Classes in Access Bars® will certify you to begin to work as an Access Bars® Practitioner after just a single day’s training.  See below image, for more details about these exciting classes and techniques 🙂

NEXT SCHEDULED CLASSES in Milnerton, Cape Town:

SUN 19 March 2017     [08:30 – abt 18:00]

TUES 21 March 2017      [08:30 – abt 18:00]

SAT 1 April 2017     [08:30 – abt 18:00]

SUN 23 April 2017      [08:30 – abt 18:00]

& All weekends in May 2017 – According to requests

Would you like to have More of life, more ease, joy and glory, more freedom and choice, no more Blocks, more fun?

Did you know you can qualify to be an internationally licensed Access Consciousness® Bars® Practitioner within just one full day’s training?

Do you want to release any points in your life where you feel stuck, and also facilitate others to do the same, by touching 32 energy points on the head, called ‘Bars’, in various combinations that you will learn in the class?
“What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?”
[Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness]

Please see for more information about Access Consciousness and Bars Classes.

ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Then send an email to Reinette – – and I’ll send you an invitation to the class, with all pertinent details 🙂

How does it get any better than this?®

Also, remember that if you create a group of about 6 or more and ask a facilitator to teach the class, you may be offered the class at low cost or for free, and the same may apply if you offer to host a class for a facilitator.

How can we have even more fun together, creating greater consciousness in the world?

Warmest Care, Reinette

For more information & registration details, please contact Reinette [host] via email:
   or Telephone:   0027 [0]21 555-4248


Access Consciousness® Bars® Classes:


For more explanations, information, links, video links, please also see the Access Consciousness page

 Full Day Classes in Access Bars will certify you to begin to work as an Access Bars Practitioner after just a single day’s training:

  • Are you ready to release TRAUMA and STRESS you’ve carried for years in your body and psyche?
  • Are you ready to experience boundless ENERGY AND JOY with total ease, no matter what?
  • Do you want to choose JOY and EASE in all areas of your life?

Consider ATTENDING A ONE DAY TRAINING BARS CLASS to become a Practitioner yourself!

The Bars® are 32 energy points on the head which allow you to release blocks to joyful and ease-filled living.  This technique is used in conjunction with liberating and generative Questions and a Clearing Statement.
We’ve just had a stunning Bars® class in November 2014, Milnerton, Cape Town, facilitated by Reinette Steyn: Huge releases of blocks to well-being were experienced and participants were excited to notice what it felt like to help pull or release someone’s energy, and are actively practising the Access tools.  How does it get even better than this?

COST:   R2550.00 if this is your first Bars class in a year
R1275.00 for 2nd or further classes attended within 12 months of the first.  Cost includes manuals, Bars charts, teas and snacks, and your certification as a practitioner.

Limited Space: Early Booking is essential!

or Tel 0027 (0)21 555-4248

Roddoms Bars pic Crop



Examples of Previous Workshops [other than Access Consciousness]

“Staying Positive – no matter what!”

Practical Techniques are taught, demonstrated, and practised by the group, so that you can become competent in keeping yourself Feeling Positive and bringing yourself back to Feeling Good, no matter what!

* Practical Skills to help you keep / start feeling positive, despite difficult life circumstances
* Effective Law of Attraction secrets and habits
* Knowing / Finding your Purpose
* Believing in yourself and maintaining self-esteem
* Removing mental blocks to optimism and self-worth
… and more

Skype Group Q&A with Clinical Psychologist Reinette Steyn:

“Eliminate Negative Stress  – Practical Techniques”


[Level I course]
– Information about: Pain and the brain, Stress and brain-body reactions
– Diathesis-Stress model: Relationship between Stress and Pain, or other arousal symptoms
– Info-sharing:  techniques that work for different symptoms, disorders or people
– Practical psycho-physiological and psycho-neurological techniques for pain management and stress management are demonstrated and practised.
This workshop introduced 10 focus areas and 10 simple techniques to overcome distress and move effectively towards happiness and success. These areas are explored and taught in more depth in later workshops.
* 7 Principles of Wealth Creation
* Remove mental and behavioral Blocks to abundant living!
* Using Law of Attraction Principles practically in your daily life.
* Change and Risk Management
* Get excited about your life!  The Passion Promise
* Stress and Anxiety management
* Trauma de-fusing
* Relationship Excellence through Mindfulness and Choice
* Understanding  the Opposite Gender’s Communication patterns
*Conquer Distress easily*Grief, Loss and Trauma*Financial Freedom Principles
*Effortless Achieving
*Methods to Claim your Vision
*Reconnecting to Self
*Meditative & Visualising quick exercises
*Change Bad stress to Good Stress

*Using Law of Attraction principles effectively

*The Power in Vulnerability

*Using your Brain effectively

*Presentation Skills [incl Power Point skills]

*Public Speaking Skills

*Fear/Phobia/Panic Management

*OCD Management

…. and many more!


For more information, or to book a Workshop, Skype call, Teleseminar, Webinar or Class,
Contact:                  or Tel 0027 (0)21 555-4248

Booking is essential for all Workshops:
Please book early to avoid disappointment as there are limited spaces available:
e-mail to:

Please state names and contact details [cell phone numbers, in case of emergency changes] of people attending.  We will send reply e-mail with payment details and directions to the venue.







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