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We have moved during December 2018: The Head Office of the Selfgrow Development Group is now in Burgundy Estate, in Cape Town, South Africa, and CONSULTING ROOMS for psychotherapy, coaching and training are at West Beach Clinic, Sandown Road, Blouberg Sands, 7441 Cape Town, South Africa.  Clinical Psychologist Reinette Steyn and the Selfgrow group may be contacted, for appointments, queries about Selfgrow  services, or quotes only, by leaving a voice message at [new number]:
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About Training

Group Training sessions are an effective way to increase group skills or motivation or interaction, as everybody acquires the same information and can utilise interactive exercises to develop and hone necessary skills. Training can occur in public [general] or closed/corporate group settings, and cover such diverse skills as Thinking Skills, Brain Power, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Change Management, or Stress Management, Law of Attraction training, Listening and Communicating Skills, etc.

Facilitation sessions are also provided for, e.g. Strategic Planning meetings, or other Executive needs.

Reinette has achieved the highest level of Communication and Leadership in the Toastmasters International organisation, namely that of Distinguished Toastmaster. She was also a Trainer for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute for nine years, and has taught and lectured at tertiary and secondary education facilities. She has facilitated various levels of development in business groups – such as Creativity Enhancement or Conflict Resolution.

Reinette has also taught Speech and Drama and has directed and produced plays, musicals, and concerts at amateur and professional levels, managing to facilitate both good team work and individual performance excellence. She is an experienced voice and acting coach.



Full Day Classes in Access Bars® will certify you to begin to work as an Access Bars® Practitioner after just a single day’s training.

NEXT SCHEDULED CLASSES in Milnerton, Cape Town:

SUN 19 March 2017     [08:30 – abt 18:00]

TUES 21 March 2017      [08:30 – abt 18:00]

SAT 1 April 2017     [08:30 – abt 18:00]

SUN 23 April 2017     [08:30 – abt 18:00]

& ALL WEEKENDS IN MAY 2017 – According to requests

Would you like to have More of life, more ease, joy and glory, more freedom and choice, no more Blocks, more fun?

Did you know you can qualify to be an internationally licensed Access Consciousness® Bars® Practitioner within just one full day’s training?

Do you want to release any points in your life where you feel stuck, and also facilitate others to do the same, by touching 32 energy points on the head, called ‘Bars’, in various combinations that you will learn in the class?
“What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?”
[Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness]

Please see for more information about Access Consciousness and Bars Classes.

ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Then send an email to Reinette – – and I’ll send you an invitation to the class, with all pertinent details 🙂


Course Presenters: Reinette Steyn & Associates of the Selfgrow Group
Reinette Steyn (M.A.Lit.Sem.; M.A. Clin.Psych.) is a Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Milnerton, Cape Town She is also a Lecturer, Life Skills and Corporate Skills Coach. She has been facilitating Corporate Skills workshops since 1983.

Associates of the Selfgrow group who assist with training and facilitation are carefully selected for their ethical values, high level of skills and training experience.

Course Duration & Cost Estimates

Length of courses may be adjusted to suit clients’ needs.
Courses may be presented in single sets (e.g., a full day workshop) or in divided sets (e.g. once a week, once a month).
Advised minimum length of time for effective skill incorporation is suggested for each course, subject to group size and number of sessions requested.

Cost will be negotiated according to client needs, venue selected, course type & length, group size, etc.

Modules currently available:

  • Enhanced Creativity & Problem-Solving (6-8 Hours) Learning and applying enhanced creativity skills and problem-solving skills in the group setting, for the group goal/s. Separate modules in Creativity and Problem-Solving may also be requested.
  • Advanced People Management Skills (6-12 Hours) Working in striated management team groups, participants gauge the effectiveness of their current styles and skills, determine further goals, and are lead in a structured program to accommodate new skills.
  • Stress Management and Lifestyle Adjustment (6-28 Hours) Following the Diathesis-Stress model: motivation for stress reduction and practical ways to achieve it within modern lifestyle needs.
  • Advanced Communication Skills (8-24 Hours) Principles of effective interpersonal communication, with specific foci including Assertiveness; De-fusing in contentious issues; Dealing with different kinds of Resistance; Persuasive techniques; and Conflict Resolution at interpersonal and inter-group levels.
  • Restructuring Dysfunctional Attitudes (4-8 Hours) Individual and group attitudes are tested for effectiveness; Principles of Change are taught; Functional Attitudes are work-shopped; Value clashes are re-negotiated.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills (8-28 Hours) Defining conflict and its causes; Personal and inter-personal precipitators; Practising effective Conflict Resolution skills.
  • Staff Motivation and Team-Building Skills (8-20 Hours) Principles and Skills are work-shopped in small groups.
  • Difficult People Management (4-16 Hours) Dysfunctional Personality styles are identified and management approaches are practised in small group setting.
  • Goal Setting and Goal Achievement (6-12 Hours; at least 2 sessions) Training in the setting and achieving Goals for Personal work advancement, team goals and group goals within company Goals and Mission parameters; negotiating skills for policy change where necessary.
  • Improving Presentation Skills: Improve presentation skills, including speaking, using drama and audio-visual aids, effective use of Power Point and Interactive work. Small group environment, with participators’ own equipment [notebooks; company data projector, etc]
  • Brain Power Exploration: Developing powerful Thinking skills; decreasing Thinking Errors; understanding the brain and neurological functioning to improve practical thinking and emotional functioning at many levels – Groups of 8 – 24.
  • Vocal Development: Small groups and individuals learn how to speak clearly, with great projection and resonance, and elimination of diction errors. Explore vocal variety and enhance posture, facial, and body language expressiveness appropriately.Presentation Skills: Includes preparation [venue, marketing, etc], presentation art, and techniques of optimal use of all kinds of visual, auditory and tactile aids, from notes and flip charts to Power Point presentations.


What’s the difference between Training and Coaching?

It depends on Intention and Goals/Outcomes envisaged. The same subject matter can be used in both, and often, similar skills or even methods are used. The main difference I see, is that Coaching goals are negotiated with the coachee, whereas Training is usually presented as a comprehensive module, or modules, to which the whole group is exposed equally, with interactive practise geared towards general enhancing or learning of the same and even the same levels of skills. Both Training and Coaching can be offered to groups or individuals, but the term Training usually implies a pre-set programme, even though the level and sub-sections may be adapted to the clients’ needs.

Reinette Steyn

Reinette presents inspirational and motivational speeches on a variety of topics, from insights gained from the study of the neuropsychology of brain/mind, or information about the processes involve in the material universe, to her experiences as a teacher, actress/singer, director and psychologist, and the ability of human beings to overcome obstacles and disabilities. She is equally fluent in English and Afrikaans and at home in different cultural milieus.

Reinette is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has also won several Speech Contests, has written and produced plays and musicals, has appeared as consultant on various radio shows, was a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa [PSASA], the Toastmasters Speakers Bureau, and a Trainer for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute.

Reinette was also a professional voice and acting coach, and has performed lead roles in plays and musicals since early childhood.She has sung for CAPAB chorus and has performed several lead roles for the CT Gilbert & Sullivan Society, the Cape Singers’ Guild, and her own ensemble and soloists group, L’Opera.

Reinette’s presentations demonstrate virtuosity of structure, vocal expressiveness, richness of imagery and – despite impaired motor functioning due to neck injury – good body language. Even the serious topics are speckled with elevated humour and entertaining anecdotes and infused with sparkling energy.

In addition to presenting hundreds of training workshops in the fields of psychology, hypnosis, motivation, communication, critical thinking, brain differences and gender relationships, conflict resolution, problem-solving, goal-achievement, creativity, advanced leadership, and quantum manifestation techniques, she has also been a keynote speaker at various conferences and AGM’s.

What others say about her presentations:

“Over the last few years I have attended numerous presentations and training sessions presented and facilitated by Reinette Steyn. I find her material interesting and thought-provoking. Reinette encourages audience participation, getting them involved in her workshops, helping the audience members to learn by doing, and not just by listening.

I recommend Reinette as a facilitator, speaker or trainer, and I certainly will be attending more of her workshops in the future.”

Craig Strachan – Past District Governor, Toastmasters Southern Africa

“Reinette Steyn spoke to [the PSASA meeting in Cape Town] on Self Hypnosis and Mind Power, and it was an awesome session. No, we didn’t all fall asleep! In fact the whole chapter feels super clever, having learnt about Embedded Suggestions, Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique, Autogenic Training, Seeding, Focused Waking Trance, Rational Emotive Therapy and the Principle of Utilization. Ret is an incredibly insightful and highly intelligent woman and she really gave us a different meeting and taught us much about ourselves. Now we can all relax ourselves and get rid of all the stress in our lives.”

Dr Wolfgang Riebe – former PSASA President

“Please find below my sincerest reference

“I have attended several training sessions, workshops and presentations conducted by Reinette Steyn.  From these sessions, I have found many an interesting and thought-provoking topic.  Reinette has that rare ability to extract from her wealth of knowledge, information and exercises which personally impact on the audience while making it entertaining and interactive.  I have personally grown from these experiences and look forward to more!”

Corrine Clifford-Mundy – Cornastone Wellbeing


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