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This site is intended as a source of information and practical referral assistance for LAY persons, and not as a resource for academic research or debate, or for clinical direction. Explanations of complex issues are therefore given in greatly simplified and concrete form, to make them accessible to a wide readership. 

Please Note:  The fact that a link is listed implies only that it might be of use to some readers, not that that web site’s contents are validated per se in any way by Reinette Steyn or .  Always use your own good judgment, or that of an appropriate authority figure if you are in doubt, or consult a therapist or advisor whom you trust.

Time devoted to this web site is pro bono in service to the community:  We regret we do not have time to answer queries about any of the information published, or accept any email correspondence.

In a crisis situation, always contact a psychologist, social worker, medical practitioner or hospital in your area.

Please browse the Articles page for helpful information and techniques on various topics.  We will gradually add articles over time, and update old ones as necessary.  We will also from time to time add Links to this page, as requested by our clients, suggested by colleagues, or as thought to be useful to some clients.


  • The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
    This Council licences, regulates and controls all medically-affiliated practitioners of various types of therapy, including all psychotherapy and counselling, in South Africa
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing information

    Please note that clients have reported that on some of these sites there is someone who fraudulently claims to be the “only” licenced EMDR practitioner in South Africa:  This is NOT true.  New practitioners are trained and licenced every year in various provinces in South Africa, and there are many EMDR practitioners with Level II Advanced training in many cities in South Africa!

  • The Psychological Society of South Africa
  • Centres for rehabilitation from substance addiction

Various other potentially useful sites:

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