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Summary by Reinette Steyn   [MAClinPsych; MA-A&N]
(Clinical Psychologist, Access Bars® Facilitator, Life Coach & Professional Speaker]

 *Please note that this I my own brief interpretation of a complex and multi-levelled healing and well-being system, according to my own understanding and in elementary terms, and is not an official explanation given or approved by Access Consciousness®. You can get detailed information from Access Consciousness Web site/s.

    Please see Workshops Page for teleseminars, webinars, and live events in Access tools and training in Cape Town and other pars of Southern Africa.  See bottom of page for TESTIMONIALS.

Watch this short video to hear how having their Bars® run the first time, changed different people’s lives… What is possible for you? For some it’s having huge physical or psychological breakthoughs in a Body session, or playing with a Generative Question & Clearing statement from a webinar or book:  What would it take for you to receive Ease, Joy and Glory® in any energy field you choose as an adventure in possibilities?

Access Consciousness® was established by Gary Douglas in 1990 and is reaching all areas of the world.  In 2008 there were no trainers in South Africa and very few practitioners; today there are many, and even high level training is now physically available here as well as through Skype classes or PODs by Access leaders. How does it get even better than this?

Access Consciousness® offers release, well-being, and wholeness through three techniques:

[1] a dynamic & expanding set of Questions eliciting better Choices, used with

[2] a Clearing Statement (see below), and

[3] an Energetic facilitation of healing and liberating from stuckness (applicable to all spheres of awareness) through 32 points or Bars® on the head.  The Bars are ‘run’ or activated by a Bars Practitioner’s hands, and most people feel an actual physical sensation such as heat, pressure or vibrations when energy is activated through various combinations.

Roddoms Bars pic Crop

But for me the most exciting finding is that the Bars ‘run’ even at a distance, or even just when consciousness-generating questions are asked!  I have had feedback that it felt like my hands were ‘burning’ or ‘pushing’ into someone’s head on the Bars sites that had required more energetic attention, for instance late at night after a daytime session, always followed by huge positive changes or trauma releases in the life of the person who was receiving the care.

You can get quite a bit of free basic information and Access tools by going to the web site homepage and signing up for the Free Video Series [or other free sharing of tools added over the years] by the founder Gary Douglas and his co-creator, chiropractor Dr Dain Heer.  Every week a short email explaining a tool [e.g. a question] with a link to a short video in which Gary and Dain present the tool with lightness and humour, will be sent to your Inbox.  Then there are many classes or clips viewable/listenable for free on Youtube, Voice of America, and many hosted ‘shows’ in different countries, as well as low cost Kindle and other e-reader books…  Each question or other tool has been such a liberating asset to myself, my friends and clients, that my “interesting point of view” is that you will all soon be experiencing the benefits enormously: “How does it get even better than this?”®


It’s important to stay in the questioning space, not to answer it and conclude it; keep asking the next question.  Here are some typical Access Questions [Please note they are all registered as copyrighted]:

“What else is possible?”®

“Whose stuff is this [that I’m feeling now]?”®

“Where in my reality was this conclusion or belief created?”®

“What generative energy, space and consciousness can I be to have phenomenal success in my business/relationship/diet?” [etc.]®


The Clearing Statement® constitutes a structured list of Terms that each represents one or more complete Question/s which connect/s to the Unconscious mind [bypassing the negative effect of the defensive Conscious mind] and allows you to let go of Blocks to well-being and to living Consciously.  The questions help us to identify the beliefs, influences, choices, habits, traditions, etc. that keep us ‘locked’ into less successful ways of functioning than what are possible for each of us.

When we connect with the Blocks and run the Clearing Statement, we ask ourselves to “Destroy and Uncreate”® anything that caused the Blocks or stucknesses from any time, space or reality, an unlimited number of times: You will hear the term ‘a God-zillion’ which is defined as ‘a number so large that only G-d can count it’ – wow!

The term “Uncreate” means more than just Destroy:  If you destroy a tree, it is no longer there, but its seeds or fruit, the holes its roots broke through the paving, and the droppings from the birds that used to sit in its branches still affect the reality around where it once was.  When we also Uncreate it, we make all those results from its having been here once, also disappear.  Isn’t it great that we can choose to uncreate all the limiting Points Of View we’ve ever held or bought into?

The Clearing Statement’s full meaning is explained in seminars, classes and books: it’s not meaningless magic.  But what you’ll get used to hearing, is something like:

“[e.g. Whatever has made you believe that it’s noble for you to suffer], are you prepared to destroy and uncreate that, times a Godzillion?”  If you indicate “yes”, the clearing statement will follow:
“Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds”.  Usually people begin to experience relief or lightness in the process immediately, or after some repetitions with different clearing Questions. Remember each of the terms above represents profound questions met to make you Conscious of Blocks and other Options [for instance, ‘Everything you’ve made Right or Good about being poor, are you prepared to destroy and uncreate all of that?”].


The third skill you need training in, is running the Bars® for someone.  This is the basis of all further training. You will learn to ‘run’ the 32 energy bars in the head, in a one-day Bars Class presented by a trained and licensed Bars Facilitator.

The Bars® include energy flow avenues for e.g. healing, body, sexuality, sadness, joy, money, awareness, control, kindness, gratitude, peace and calm, time and space [etc], in different meaningful combinations, so as to reactivate the recipient’s energy to move towards “ease, joy and glory” in all these areas of life.  The motto of Access consciousness is, in fact, “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory” – How does it get even better?

A Bars Class runs for a full day and includes introductory explanations and information based on the manuals you will receive, a video where Gary Douglas and Dain Heer demonstrate the techniques you will learn, a picture chart to show you the positions of the Bars areas and your fingers and hands to activate them, and four sessions of about an hour each where you will either receive a treatment or practise a treatment on someone else under supervision of the Bars Facilitator.

“What else is possible?”  At the end of that first Bars class you will receive your certificate as a Bars Practitioner and you can start to run Bars on clients, or swop sessions with other Practitioners and Facilitators to hone your skills and receive your own regular energetic activations immediately!

This is the start of a journey of endless possibilities: You can remain a practitioner, or continue on at higher levels of training and work in the Access Consciousness® program – all described in the manual.

And the cost of the Bars Class training & international registration as a Practitioner?  Please contact one of the many Facilitators who advertise in your own country and district or on the Access Consciousness web site [‘Find a Class / Pratitioner] or look up pricing for the current year.

… And then you can also learn from books by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer, and more and more other authors in Access Consciousness® – most now available on Kindle too…  AND you can attend higher level classes to help you live more and more from Consciousness with total ease… AND have live or Skype or telephone sessions with many Practitioners or Facilitators with high levels of training and experience, in your own home, and attend free teleseminars, POD casts, or livestream events in addition to paid classes in a city near you or via livestream!  How does it get even better than that?®

GC Level 1

Have fun while creating a reality of choice and freedom in all areas of life, with Access!


Please go to the Access Consciousness® web site/s for testimoinials [with author names]. Below are a few brief extracts from some of the testimonials:

*”Access has enabled me to change my life completely. I almost cannot remember who I was before I came to Access, but know that the empowerment I have received through it is enabling me to choose my life, my money, every day for me, and because I now actually LIKE me, I find my relationships with others are so much more expansive and fun. How does it get any better than that?”

*”Access has given me the tools to claim, own and acknowledge the uniqueness of ME and the greatness of ME. The Access saying, ‘”Be you and change the world,” for me could not be more true or more valuable. And the difference is Access gives you the tools to empower you to do it your way, to find the truth for you and what works for you and your life, not somebody else’s!”

Re The Bars®

*”The first time I had my bars run was a genuine awakening for me. I had been skeptical … even while having them run, having seen so many modalities and read so many books and tried so many things. Driving home after the session I stopped and went for a walk up in the rolling hills [—].  There was just this blissful feeling of connection with everything. Total spaciousness and joy and deep, deep gratitude for my life.

*”Seven years ago, I had a horrific [—] accident that left me in the hospital for nearly two months. I had broken my left ankle, completed shattered a vertebrae in my lower back, and I could not walk. After two surgeries and extensive physical therapy, I was able to learn to walk again but I remained in a lot of pain.  [—] This left me spending much of my waking hours in great physical pain which nearly cost me my job. [—] I became very depressed and years of counseling were getting me nowhere.
Then I found Access Energy Transformation and met Gary Douglas and Dain Heer and my whole life changed. In just over a year and a half, I have healed my body and no longer take any pain pills, something my doctors told me would probably never happen. The energy work that they teach and the tools that they offer have allowed me to eliminate the pain and any sense of depression that came with it. I am once again able to go out dancing, hiking in the mountains, [etc.]”

*”Wow, what a truly amazing experience!!!!!!!! Since I was 8 I have never danced or moved around with such fluidity and ease. My joints felt more flexible than they have in years, and I did the splits!??!?
What else is possible? How does it get any better? Incredible class, thank you so much for helping me get over the fear of dancing crazily in front of anyone and truly being myself.”

*”Before I came to Access and began using the tools it offers I was very judgmental of myself; both in what I thought was wrong with me and needed improving or fixing and in what I thought I had right and all figured out already. [—.] I couldn’t see how I was limiting myself at every turn by always judging me as right or wrong in every aspect of my life.
Now I get up in the morning and I truly like who I see in the mirror. I look beautiful to me. I have a peace and a calm inside that I never had before. I know that the greatness of me as an infinite being is real and I am actually experiencing it on a daily basis. The limit to what I felt was possible for me, the diminishment, the smallness, has vanished.”





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