Instant Feel-Good Techniques

Every thought you have impacts you.  By shifting in the middle of a weakening thought to one that strengthens, you raise your energy vibration and strengthen yourself and the immediate energy field.” – Dr Wayne W Dyer

99% of our thinking is unconscious.  Please note, Freud always used the term “un-conscious” and never the euphemistic term “subconscious” perpetrated by later English translators of his work; which creates the problem that we believe we can actually guess fairly accurately what might possibly be part of our unconscious mind, its thoughts, memories, reactions, decisions, etc.

Only 4 nanoseconds – wow!  It takes just four millionths of a second for a thought-impulse to pass through our magnificent brains!  Think of how many hundreds of thousands of thoughts your brain can have in a full second…!  It would take you years to write down just the thoughts you could have in one day if you could truly “hear” or “know” the conversations and experiences and movies that played out in your UNconscious mind.  We can hardly manage to document the thoughts we are CONSCIOUS of in a day.

It is important to understand that while our rational “mature reasoning” thoughts are generated by the most evolved part of our brains, in fact, by a small part in the very front of our so-called Mammalian Neo-Cortex (i.e. the new brain that mammals have, compared to, for instance, reptiles). That little part that gives us our so-called Executive Functions (like analysis, synthesis, planning, organizing, self-correction, delay of gratification, delay of reactions until their consequences have been determined, languaging of experiences and feelings, rational thinking and rational interaction with others and our environment, etc.) is called the Pre-Frontal Neo-Cortex.

Its ability to be able to run the “corporation” of our Self is so effective that human beings have conquered even the most inhospitable climates, the realms of under-water and the skies above the earth, and most animal species through our ability to assess problems and find effective solutions for them.

However, there are four brains in our skull, the left and right Neo-Cortex or mammal brains, the Cerebellum (“small brain” at the back of the head), and a rather scary brain, the Reptilian Brain, right in the middle of our head, on top of the spinal cord.  This part of our brain contains all our emotional and hormonal functions and is capable only of the type of thinking and behaviour that a reptile, such as a crocodile, snake or chameleon, might have.

Yes, we all have a crocodile in our brain!  And it cannot understand language (like “calm down”/”this won’t hurt you”/”trust me”) or human-level rational thought, because it is able to function only at reptilian level.

This means it is programmed to ensure PHYSICAL survival at all cost (NOT emotional, social, self-actualizing, or spiritual well-being).  Its only concerns are the physical survival of the self and of the species it belongs to, and its only responses are avoiding danger by fight, flight, or freeze reactions, and by making access to food possible and by ensuring procreation of the species through appropriate sexual behaviour.
(Please see the article on Panic Attacks on my web site list to get more information about and pictures of the Reptilian brain.)

As Dr Dyer says, we need to change any feel-bad thoughts into feel-good thoughts as soon as we become aware of any distressing emotions, thoughts, ideas, images or ‘movies’ that we are allowing rent-free space in our minds.

According to Lynn Grabhorn (Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting), any thought or feeling you hold in your mind for longer than 16 seconds, will impact the chemicals in your body either negatively or positively for several hours thereafter.

Flexing your Happiness muscles: 

Being happy and at peace is easy for only about 6-7% of a population, because the big people in their lives when they were babies until they were about six years old, knew how to model such positive ways of being effective in the world for them.  A further 6-7% had a good combination of feel-good modelling and being treated as worthy and lovable individuals from infancy until adulthood.

The rest of us (i.e. 83-93%) unfortunately have to work really hard to re-wire our brains over time to think and behave (including speak) positively for greater portions of the time.

Please note that it’s not enough to “think/read/hear” positive thoughts or stories; we actually have to create a very strong emotional content to the new thoughts we are trying to make part of our regular or ”default” patterns of thinking and responding in our universe. The most effective ways of actually changing the patterns in our unconscious mind, are (1) handwriting (the most effective way) and (2) speaking loudly, passionately and with strong emotion.

“Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!” This is the motto of Mike Dooley, author of such inspirational books as Manifesting Change, or Infinite Possibilities, and one of the authors quoted in The Secret.

Dr Bruce Lipton, epigeneticist and author of The Biology of Belief shows us in simple language in his books and videos exactly how the science of positive thinking works: we can actually change even the genes we were born with, by the way we choose to think habitually. So if we were born with a gene that makes us prone to cancer, we can cause our body cells to eliminate that genetic sequence from every gene on every strand of DNA in every one of the about sixty trillion cells in our bodies, by continually changing the chemicals surrounding the cells from negative to positive. We do this by constantly changing the thoughts and pictures in our mind from negative to positive; and the techniques to do so are really easy and simple (see below).

So, to summarise:

–        “Every thought you have impacts you.”: Every thought we have creates either a positive or a negative chemical reaction in our body.

–        The frequency of positive of negative chemical deluges in our brain and body (a) changes our cells and the genes that influence our future well-being and (b) creates “default” brain pathways that control our future thinking and thus our future defaults of well-being or illness.

–        It takes a mere 16 seconds to begin to change the chemicals in your body, and therefore your whole future well-being, in a positive or a negative direction!

–        The direction to or from health and success in every sphere of your life depends on the thoughts that habitually occupy your mind.

–        You can change the direction at any time of your life, irrespective of your current circumstances, by diligently and continually changing the pictures, movies, or ideas – including beliefs – you choose to focus on in any moment.



Get rid of your bad feelings the moment they occur, by HANDWRITING them, and the experiences you believe caused them, down – on paper, not in a book!  Spelling and grammar do not count!  You should preferably never read what you write (to avoid reinforcing negative brain pathways) and you should definitively not let anyone else read them.
All you want to do is to ‘drain out the bad stuff’ from your mind– no need to admire it, share it, or swallow it again.Then shred (and recycle) or burn the putrid ‘medical waste’.

If you delay writing (which moves the brain functioning from the reptilian/unconscious mind to the rational-conscious mind), your unconscious mind is highly likely to continue re-playing the bad ‘movie’ with its bad feelings until it again becomes your default.

Next, begin to hand-write a long list of everything that is good in your life at that moment: Are you able to see, smell, taste, feel, or hear either beautiful or dangerous stimuli from your environment?  Are you able to walk, sit, stand, swim, clean yourself, feed yourself, or have people who can help you with some of these?Can you make friends, survive enemies, use transport, earn some money, have access to treatment for illness or bad feelings, read books for self-help or entertainment purposes, borrow money, declare yourself bankrupt?  How lucky you still are!

Use details, make lists, have a specific reason(or a thousand specific ones) that you are grateful for ‘my husband’, ‘my son’ or ‘my work’ etc.  You’ll never run out of gratitudes – unless you are utterly devoid of intelligence… in which case you won’t be able to read this.

Use only words that suggest that life is or can be easy/easier, rewarding, effortless, etcwhen you speak to yourself (i.e. think) or others (i.e. words, facial expressions, posture, gesture, grunts, yells, etc).Use inspiring phrases (which hypnotists use with great success) like:

“I’m so grateful and excited that I can effortlessly and easily achieve ‘x’, surprisingly quickly and feel really good, exponentially, every day/minute
or “I wan0t to feel good, and I INTEND to feel good” [Dr Wayne Dyer] etc.

Or use questions that create possibilities for positive change, like:

“What’s great/good in my life right now?” [Frederick Bailles]

or “How does it get any better than this?” [Access Consciousness]\

or “I can!  Now how can I?” [Bill Harris], etc.

Challenge negative or judgmental thoughts, for instance, by asking:

“What can I find to praise instead of criticise, in this person, event, object, information, outcome, inconvenience, or situation?”

or “What can I learn from this?”

or “What’s actually absurd or silly about this?”

or “Why might that idea or belief of mine not necessarily be accurate/true?”, etc.

Enhance good experiences; diminishes bad ones; find the positive in anything:

“That glass of water tasted fantastic!”

“I feel enormously relieved!”

“The strong wing brought some great excitement – couldn’t stop watching the cute surfers!” vs “The wind is awful today.”

“I have a tiny nasal discomfort…” (not “The flu’s got hold of me again” – get that scary movie away from your precious mind!!!)   “This is an interesting challenge…” (not “I feel overwhelmed” – yech!)

Focus on something beautiful: nature, a pretty picture, postcard, dance performance,  web photo, your pet, or someone’s gorgeous abs!

Focus on something positive: a quote, story, good news, movie,

Celebrate your successes, or what you’ve completed instead of moaning about less success, or what’s still left to do…

Focus on something humorous: It’s actually frequently medically documented fact that people with even terminal diseases were very soon completely healthy when they decided to spend their ‘last days’ watching only comedies, or doing the fun things they’d been too embarrassed or ‘proper’ to attempt before.

At least once a week wear something ‘inappropriate’ like un-matching socks, or comic sunglasses indoors.  At least once a week do something ‘silly’ and ‘childlike’, so that your ‘inner child’ parts of your personality can enrich your life with their bubbling energy and joy once again: Colour in and go outside the lines; juggle with odd shaped non-dangerous objects; pet some non-dangerous animals, sing a silly song…!

And always find a way to make your BODY more comfortable in a challenging moment:  Breathe deeply and slowly, saying or thinking “I am love/kindness/joy/empowered/peace” etc on every out breath.  Have some water or tea.  Stretch gently.
Dance (even in a wheel chair!) or leap or skip.
Walk somewhere pleasant.
SMILE!!!  LAUGH deeply

Move your limbs or torso or neck gently to a better posture. Put on something cooler… or warmer!
your skin with aromatic oils or body lotion… Get a massage!  Put a cushion on that uncomfortable chair… and always wear comfortable shoes!

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